Application Portal for College of Engineering Majors and Concentrations

This online application form allows current UConn students to:

  • Apply to change your major to one within the College of Engineering, from either a different school or college or to change your current engineering major.
  • Apply to a second choice change of major within the College of Engineering, in case you are not selected for your first choice.
  • Apply for an additional/second major in the College of Engineering (for current Engineering students only).
  • Declare a concentration (for current Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Science & Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Management & Engineering for Manufacturing, Materials Science & Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering students only). Please note: concentrations for current students are reviewed on a rolling basis.

To apply for admission to the Management and Engineering for Manufacturing (MEM) Program (dually conferred degree of the College of Engineering and School of Business) please submit your request using this site.

NOTE: Changing majors within Engineering may impact eligibility for the New England Board of Higher Education's Regional Student Program (RSP) tuition break and subsequently impact tuition. See and for details.


*Your NetID is in the form "abc00000" where abc is your initials and the 0s are numbers. If you have forgotten your NetID or password, please go to

Admission Criteria, Eligibility Standards and Additional Considerations

Admission Criteria & Eligibility Standards:

Click here for more information about all Engineering majors, and the admission criteria and eligibility standards used to review applications.

Interested in Engineering and Computers? We have four majors for four different paths. Before applying for one of them, please review the Four Distinct Computing Majors.

All prospective UConn students seeking admission to the University should review the application information on the Undergraduate Admissions website.

Additional Considerations:

  • Catalog year changes to the year admitted to CoE for students changing majors from outside CoE and adding an additional degree.
  •  Admission to CoE does not guarantee access to coursework, this is based on space availability.
  • Some programs such as Robotics are cohort programs, meaning not all courses may be available upon admission to the program, which can impact graduation timeline. Recommend speaking with an advisor to review plan of study.
  • If you have additional questions about major changes in CoE, contact Shoshana Armington (, Director of Regional Campuses and Students in Transition.

Withdraw or Change Application Submission

Students should only have one active application in the portal at a time. If you would like to edit the details of your submission, please email Engineering Advising's Program Coordinator, Jen Steszewski, at

IMPORTANT: If you submit more than one application for a major change within the same review cycle (Fall consideration: December 26 - May 25 or Spring consideration: May 26 - December 25), we will review the most recent application pending in the portal.

Application Review Process and Deadlines

Applications are reviewed only twice a year - at the end of the fall and spring semesters in January and June.

  • To be considered for spring admission your application must be received by December 25.
  • To be considered for fall admission your application must be received by May 25.

Declaring Dual Degrees or Minors

This online system does not allow students within the College of Engineering to declare minors or dual degrees (additional degrees for students in majors outside of the College of Engineering).

To declare a minor, please go to For School of Business minors, please go to

To apply for an additional/dual degree, please use the Additional Degree Form available at Please collect all necessary signatures and bring the form to the Engineering II Building, room 304 to collect an Engineering Dean’s signature.

The College of Engineering requests that students do not contact the Undergraduate Programs Office for status updates on their applications.

Students receive notification via email when a decision is made. If your original application is denied, you can submit a new request.

If you have any problems with the system or questions regarding the submission process please contact Engineering Advising's Program Coordinator, Jen Steszewski, at